Interview with Seniority:

~Billy Holland~

Age: 48 and 1/2 year old

Hometown/Town of Residence: Forest City, NC

Gender: Male

Relation: My dad Date of Interview: 2/14/19

My dad has been watching movies, whether it’s out in the theaters or at home, for most of his life. Born in late 1970, Billy Holland grew up in the times where DVD and streaming on demand didn’t exist. VCR’s were expensive at the time so if he wanted to watch a movie, he would go to a theater. Back then, it was pretty cheap to go with a group of friends to the movies. His first movie-going experience was when he was eight years old. There was a small movie theater in Rutherford county that he and his friends would go to. They’d buy the normal things that any kid gets at a theater: popcorn, sodas, and candy. (Probably one of the reasons he has diabetes now). My dad and his friends would be gone for hours playing arcade and watching movies, and my dad would always hurry into the car with his mother (my grandmother) because she would pick him up in hair curlers in an old station wagon. (My dad’s family was definitely not the richest)

The most memorable movies he watched in theaters was Superman II (1980), Bullitt (1968), and Rocky III (1982). He usually watched action or science fiction. (Sometimes he’d pay for a PG or PG-13 movie and then sneak into an R rated movie. That’s how he was opened to horror films. That’s how he saw the original Halloween) To him, theaters meant being opened up to new experiences that developed his imagination. He’d never seen that kind of stuff before. Every few friday nights, the Holland family would go eat at a fish restaurant and go to the drive-in a few miles down the road. As a kid, my dad never liked drive-in movies because it was too difficult to see because “no one knew how to park.” It was even harder to hear because you’d place the speakers in the windows.

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Superman II movie poster
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Bullitt movie poster
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No, he never did watch Star Wars, not even until a few years ago. He did watch Jaws, but I think that was on TV. It was the first time that he didn’t follow what everyone else wanted to see. What he really wanted to see was Rocky. He still watches action and definately Sci-fi. But he never watches drama or romance. (Same here though, I must’ve gotten it from him because my mom loves romance and drama.) He doesn’t watch horror movies as much because “modern horror movies suck.” That could just be his opinion but there are some that are really bad compared to ones I’ve seen. Even though he thinks most modern movies aren’t good, he’ll still take my family to see some occasionally. We probably go around three times a year, unless there is something so good, we just have to see. Now, it’s just not a good deal economically to take your family to the movies, unless you want to spend 50$ on four people. He does think theaters have changed though. In the past, he’d go to a small theater, it was very old, etc. But now the movie theaters are updated, heating or air, plus a lot more.

The last time we went to the movies was in late December and we watched Wreck it Ralph: Ralph Breaks the Internet. We watched in a old timey set theater with the great deal of popcorn. (Literally a medium size popcorn that cost about 2 dollars.)

My dad used to work at an old video store, they’d sell VHS tapes and that was how he watched horror movies like: Friday the 13th. and Nightmare on Elm Street. Back when he was a kid, my dad never watched VCR because back then they cost around 400$. Now we usually watch movies online that cost around three to four dollars. He was actually a movie extra in Blood Done Sign My Name (2010) and was seen multiple times.

My Dad, Billy Holland
A movie extra in the movie Blood Done Sign My Name

~Lucy (SugaryMango) : 2/15/19

– Film Baggage, what is it and why should you change it –

What is film baggage?

Film baggage is liking or not liking film based on an experience or an account of someone else. When you have certain preferences over a film genre, a certain actor or actress, and even a preference toward different movies, that’s film baggage. Everyone has this problem. I may have a preference towards certain music, while my friends have a preference to another genre. (Which is definitely true). For example, my friends don’t listen to the same people I do, so when that band comes out with a new song, I’d freak out and make them listen to it, but they look at me like I’m a crazy person. There are reasons we should change it: we can’t criticize a film in the right way, if we have a bias towards it, we can’t be open to new things, we can’t learn this way.

Everyone has a different type of prejudice with them. Some may hate to watch romance movies because they saw one that was so cheesy. I can say I am guilty of this. I have never watched a romance movie in my entire life but I always found the thought of it as “cheesy” and “that never happens in real life.” Although some of my thoughts could be true, not all romance movies are like that. I’ve heard of some very cute sounding story-lines from friends that I could end up watching – and enjoying in the future. I have the same problems with DC and Marvel. I love super heroes like Batman, etc. but I couldn’t ever watch Marvel. I don’t even think I have a reason, but it was probably because my family had always watched DC instead. I partly stopped this bias when I saw one movie while shopping in a game store. (This game store plays all kinds of movies.) I was enthralled by it and didn’t really understand why I didn’t really like it before. I’m not a fan and I could not possibly be able to tell you what movie I had seen was, but I do know that I’m not as biased as I once was.

I think a way to overcome bias on different films is by watching the ones you dislike or absolutely hate. If you hate horror because you think it’s too gory, then watch a horror film, not all of them have just gore in it. If you hate foreign films, watch ones with subtitles, you’d probably learn a few words, plus end up finding interesting. That is the way I came over my music bias, I still ultimately like one band, but if you put on just about any song, any genre, I wouldn’t care. I may not know it, but I’d still listen. The same thing should be a goal in film. Watch all sorts of films, understand different categories, and be more open.

~ Lucy (sugarymango) : 02/06/19

What Film Means to Me:

Hi! I’m a young girl living in the South. I love listening to music, drawing, and creating. Just like most people, I love to watch movies. Growing up, my family would rent or take me and my brother out to watch movies. My childhood favorites were Mulan or Tangled. Obviously Disney. (But for some reason, I could never stand Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.)

Over the years, my preference for genre has changed. My favorite genres now became Science Fiction, Action, Mystery, Horror and some Romantic Drama. Although Drama or Romance movies are not my favorite, I still enjoy some of them. I would just rather watch Mystery, Science Fiction, Action, or Horror movies because there is never a dull moment. I also like old movies too. My two favorite movies would probably be The Village by M. Night Shyamalan and Kung Fu Hustle produced and written by Stephen Chow. Like I said, I don’t really like watching romance movies because some are very over-dramafied or cheesy. Not all of them though. (To those people that love drama and romance, sorry I like it but it’s not my favorite.)

My favorite actors or actresses are: John Wayne, Gillian Anderson, and Go Ara. John Wayne is one of my family’s favorite actors. My dad thinks that he is a good role model for young boys. I agree with that but I don’t really care because I’m a girl. In my opinion, he shows his character very well and his acting is original. Also his quotes in some movies will almost have me crying from laughing too hard. For example: “Everyone gets dead, it was just his turn.” from his movie Hondo in 1953. Gillian Anderson is another one of my favorites. I got interested in forensics and crime-solving because of her character from The X-files; Agent Scully. Go Ara is a Korean actress. I’ve only seen one of the shows she was in but I don’t think that someone that acted left the same impression on me. That show was called Hwarang. Her character was one of my favorites, although I liked most of the characters on the show.

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John Wayne as Hondo
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Gillian Anderson as Dana Scully
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Go Ara as Ah-ro in Hwarang
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My avatar would be Yoshi, a character from Mario. He’s cute and he really tries hard to save the other Yoshi’s. Since Yoshi’s Story 64 is the first game I’ve ever played, Yoshi is naturally my favorite. I love video games especially RPG’s.

I like to watch movies, TV, and music videos all of the time. Films are works of art, some can be good art, some can be bad. It just depends on your preference on whether or not you think it’s good art or not.

-1/31/19 Lucy (sugarymango) :