Film Criticism = Critical Thinking in Action!

Throughout the semester, I have learned many things about reviewing film. I learned how to condense my review, while still having important facts and subjects in it. I learned about how color, camera angle, music, and sound effects can contribute to the tone and mood of the story. I have learned about many different types of genres and films. But movies aren’t the only thing I can critique.

There are many different shows, books, games, and music I like to read, watch, or listen to. After learning how to critique film and how it can be useful to me in the future, I figured it could be smart to learn to critique other media. Many elements in film, come from other media.

For example, music can contribute to mood and tones in a movie which means it has a tone of its own. If I listen to my regular songs and bands I can pay attention to lyrics and the actual sound of the music. Certain notes, beats, and words make the audience feel certain emotions. I am a music person so for me, it’s very easy to do this if I really listen. I have songs in a playlist if I get angry, sad, happy, or relaxed and I know which songs to listen to because of how I interpret the moods. Looking past the sound, there are lyrics. Many people may like a song just because of the beat or sounds, but they might not pay attention to lyrics. I feel if we do, then we can actually tell if a song (or band) is good or not.

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My favorite band, BTS
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It doesn’t stop at music. You can critique video games too! Many people like only a small variety of games. For me, it is horror, RPG (role-playing games) and puzzles. Just like in film reviewing, there are elements in games you can look at to determine whether or not it’s good. I look at things like music (good soundtrack is a must guys), visual qualities, and storyline/characters. I know many people like games like “Fortnite”, “Call of Duty”, and anything else like that but personally I don’t understand why they are so great. It is a bit repetitive and maybe at first it is good but after awhile it must get boring right? Visual Quality isn’t that important though. An example of that is in the Final Fantasy series, “Final Fantasy VI” was a really great game and the characters look like cute little pixels but in “Final Fantasy X” the characters looked almost real at certain point. Both of those games were amazing in my opinion. I think many people should look at all of the elements put into games instead of just the same genres. Even me, I should look into the shooting games too so I can hopefully get rid of the baggage.

Image result for white day a labyrinth named school
Favorite Horror game: White Day, A labyrinth named school
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Just looking at the elements we’ve learned through the semester can help me determine if anything I see or hear is good or not. I know about many more things I would’ve never been able to see and I can now look at movies and see things in a new perspective. I’ve learned many things while reviewing and I even know the things I can do to help myself improve.

~Lucy (SugaryMango) : 050519~


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